Asthma App Review: Asthma Eclub

Group of Friends Smiling
Group of Friends Smiling

Asthma Eclub is an app developed to help children understand and manage their asthma and allergies. The app is owned by two physicians and a licensed social worker. Asthma Eclub is full of information for children who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. This application includes over 50 videos that cover topics from how to avoid allergens during the summer to how common asthma medications work. The main characters of each video include children with asthma and are clearly produced with them in mind. The app also features a weather prediction component which warns the user when the weather can exacerbate their allergy or asthma symptoms. The app also has a section for common words used when discussing asthma and allergies to help children familiarize themselves with the language used when discussing these conditions


Lots of features

Geared toward children in content

Easy to use


Word application is difficult to read

All in all this app would be a greatly useful for children who suffer from allergies and asthma.


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