Happy Asthma Institute Day

Diverse Hands Holding The Word Asthma

May 13, 2014 was declared Asthma Institute Day by the City Council of Pittsburgh.  This proclamation was in response to the need for asthma research and control in our area in addition to the recognition of the innovative and encouraging research gathered at The Asthma Institute of UPMC.  We recognize the burden of disease is high in Pittsburgh.  Poor air quality and a large population of smokers make Pittsburgh one of the worst places for an asthma sufferer to spend their time.

Check out some of the things we have accomplished within the last year.

– 200 asthmatics have chosen to participate in an asthma research study

– 30 asthma research publications written by our asthma doctors

– Used our research to pilot national research programs funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

-Decreased the burden of disease for many asthma patients across the country

Though we are quite excited about our progress our hope is to reach even more people and continue to make asthma less scary in 2015.


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