Letter From the Editor: Wrapping Up, Looking Ahead


To all of our readers:

We’d like to thank all of you who made our blog so successful in its first months. We’re so grateful to have interested readers who keep coming back, and we hope we can keep you coming back in the new year.

Since we began this blog in May, we’ve had 900 views from 35 countries. We could never have dreamed of a response like this. We are truly humbled to have connected with all of you. So again, we thank you.

We want to keep our posts as relevant as possible for our audience. To do that, we need your help. You can tell us which posts you liked (and didn’t like) in this survey. We’ll do our best to create similar posts to the ones you liked in the new year.

We hope this season is filled with warmth and comfort, family and friends, magic and joy. Thanks for coming along with us in 2014. We hope you’ll stick around for 2015.

Best Wishes,

Avery Keatley                                                                                                                                               Writer and Editor

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